Saturday, August 7, 2010

Our Mother Earth Bleeds…

Bombs on civilians were thrown in Hiroshama,
Making many innocent fight against comma,
Tombs have resulted for those in trauma,
For death spread around its stinking aroma.

Let there be peace in land filled with violence,
Make our faith to take cognizance
Of conflicts around, using our lives lens,
Seeking forgiveness for our deep silence.

Temperatures of our earth are rising,
Apertures covering the earth are widening,
Creatures on the earth are vanishing,
Raptures within the earth are deafening,
Departures from the earth are increasing,
Signature the earth to save her from shrinking.

Our life giving earth’s womb is soon turning to be a tomb
 Plumb and do not succumb to it. Save our earth
Our mother earth bleeds because of our greeds,
she ‘ll be pleased if we can take care of her seeds/needs

Is peace and justice still a reality?
Oh sure, only when we give up our cruelty,
Fighting together justly with out any partiality,
Affirming equality and sharing in commonality.

Peace is not only absence of war,
It is not when people are afar,
It is when we are one at this hour,
When self is gone, peace remains forever.

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