Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Come Let’s be Friends

In my search for the ends of the rainbow
On my journey to the origins of the streams flow
In my search for the pearls in the depths of the seas so low,
I found you my friend, precious in all glow

Come lets be friends

Communicate life’s new trends

Committing to cast away fiends
Communing to meet lives ends

How pure you are O my friend just as water,
For to you life-giving is all that matter,

Nursing my wounds and healing is what you cater

Flowing in silence to make others greater and greater

Friendship with God is friendship with human,
Friendship with human is friendship with nature so common
Friendship with creation is what God summon
Friendship has no barrier, slave, free, man and woman

In our times when divisions dominate,
When conflicts and prejudices dictate,
When enmity and cruelty abominate,
Let friendship emulate unity and precipitate

How old are you O friendship?
As old as the world that’s made from God’s tip
As old as the Word that came from God’s lip
O boy, you are as eternal as God, who’s in total grip

(Dedicated to all my friends and wishing you all a very happy friendship day on 1st August 2010)


RamaDevi Arla Hansraj said...

thanks... i felt so proud.. having you as my freind is a sense of you and happy freindship day to you...

priya said...

Super Bharath!! it really touched me.

How old are you O friendship?
As old as the world that’s made from God’s tip

This realy is great. That's soo right that god made this tip to have you and all others friends as blessing.