Tuesday, June 16, 2009

O Deep, Dark Tunnels of Life

On a fine day, when travelling on a train,
Through plains and mountains showering with rain,
Exclaimed my heart, how creative was God’s brain,
For the picturesque so serene with out a stain.

The blue sky above the huge rocks covered as roof,
The streams watering the green in all freedom as a proof,
The colourful birds singing their rhymes, ‘that we’rnt aloof,’
The rusty lonely track in curves & straight passing like a spoof.

Stopped the train in that deep at certain halts,
Sometimes to drop, to pick and even to carry some spices & salts,
When it’s stopped for long, the child to the old, every one assaults,
Cribbing aloud its getting late, though its ’cause of them, to hide their faults.

As the journey proceeds and moves forward,
From a far, there appeared several mighty hills standing upward,
How’ll the track win over those rigid huge rocks with out a heart inward?
Will those heavy rocks allow this long little train to carry its journey onward?

Thank God, the huge heartless hills are beaten and are made as tunnels,
For the passage of the train, mediating to be life-saving channels,
Carrying safe the dreams & aspirations of people in their annals,
As safe as they were brought in their lives treasures & manuals.

In a broad day light, journeying thro’ a tunnel is like experiencing a solar eclipse,
The valorous rocks of the hill coming between sun & track, making it dark,
For minutes the darkness continues, fear surrounds and doubt clips,
After which, every one’s relieved for they are back into God’s green park.

Even in the journey of life, every one passes through the rocky-hurdled hills,
Panicking how to get pass through this unachievable barrier,
Some lose hope and some ruin their life in savouring these bitter pills,
Unable to get pass through it by the tunnel, the breath within, our lives carrier.

A tunnel appears long, deep and fearful,
For it’s temporal and makes reach a land wishful,
For it’s momentary and makes search a life fruitful,
For it’s a safe passage and makes fetch happiness grateful.

Let’s be bold to face everything that’s an obstacle,
For confidence accompanies all those awaiting to pass thro’ towards a pinnacle,
It’s not just a miracle, but listen to your inner voice of oracle,
For life can be victorious at the end of tunnels in that spectacle.

(scribbled during a train journey from Mumbai to Goa 13.06.09)

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